Heart In The Hills Photography

Hi.  I'm Ashley.

When I moved to Las Vegas, the thing I loved the most about my new home was the view. On my roof, I can see over to Red Rock, the sun setting behind the mountains each night, casting a warm glow all over the valley. Night time brings the lights of Anthem alive, twinkling like a thousand stars chattering on the hills.

What makes my heart sing each morning is when I open my bedroom window and see the hills across the street. Folding over upon themselves like paper, the red bluffs greet the day reflecting warm light into my room. I start my morning with the sun, hills, sand, and sky, greeting me, reminding me where I belong. The hills remind me that I'm home.

One morning, I looked out my window and noticed that the light was hitting the dips in the hills at an angle I hadn't seen before; there, right in the side of the hill, was a heart.

Every day, I look out my window at the heart in the hills and am reminded of the simple beauty of the world, and that life is what we choose to make of it. I'm grateful to be surrounded by so much beauty, and find absolute joy in being able to share what I see with others through my photography. 

 I feel fortunate that Iā€™m drawn to the tiny details. The way hands touch while offering comfort, the look people in love give one another when they think nobody notices, the facial expressions, the body language, everything about the way we move tells a story. I love trying to capture those moments because they are what we remember about a person at the end of the day. It's real life and it is amazing. It's difficult and it's messy, it's imperfect but it's who we really are.

I believe that the imperfections in life are what make our stories so beautiful.