My family was built through the miracle of adoption.  

Because of this, I offer special services and packages for both adopting couples and families as well as placing parents. 

I've gotten to spend a lot of time in the adoption community, and I am aware of how sensitive of a time this is for everyone.  Being on the recieving end of an amazing woman's sacrifice and knowing that there was nothing I could do to thank her properly, I want to give something back.  If you've made an adoption plan for your child, I'd like to give you something that's just for you.  I will come to the hospital (or your home) and take photos of you and your baby.  They're yours, you can share them with the adoptive couple, you can keep them just for yourself; it's up to you.  Send me an inquiry and let me know this is what's going on and I will let you know exactly what this gift entails.  I also offer special packages for maternity, birth and post placement sessions.

     Sessions offered:  

     - Profile shots

     - Expectant mother meeting/group photos*

     - Meeting your little one*

     - Placement* 

     - Newborn sessions

     - Finalization

     - Blessing, Christening, Baptism, Sealing and Confirmation

    *All parties involved (placing parents & adoptive parents) must be in agreement to do this session.  This is a very heartfelt event and not everyone is comfortable with a camera in the room.