Goose's Family Session

There is beauty all around, when there's love at home...
Sometimes sessions surprise me.  I wasn't sure how well things would go for photographing my friend's family since her kids know me so well that I was worried they would feel stiff working with me.  Apparently, I was very wrong.
My youngest daughter refers to their daughter as "Goose" since she overheard her being called that by a sibling once.  While it's adorable, it can be awkward when she stands up in church and shouts about "Bishop Goose's Daddy, HI BISHOP GOOSE'S DADDY!" 

Their newest Little, Lil' Lill, is just delicious.  I love photographing and working with happy families but going though these pictures made my heart just sing.  They're such beautiful people, adoring parents, darling children and with all of the ugly things going on everywhere, this family reminded me of the love and beauty there is in the world.