Carlson Family

Hello from California!

I must have the world's best luck because as soon as I got my gear unpacked here in California, my wonderful friend Katey asked me if I could come and take some photos of her family and their new baby.  

I had so much fun with them and their beautiful daughters and adorable son.

Thank you Katey!

To order prints and view the entire session, go HERE.

Baby A.J.

A couple of weeks ago my friend contacted me about the possibility of coming and doing a session for a young couple who was choosing to place their baby for adoption.  Given my own ties to adoption, I joyfully agreed to come and take pictures for this couple so that they could have something that would help them remember the time they got to spend with their beloved little girl.  


On Thursday morning, AJ was born four weeks early.  I was able to visit A & B at the hospital and meet them and their baby.  The adoptive parents were on a plane, rushing to meet their new daughter, so for that small window of time, I was blessed to witness the love and emotion of these amazing people.  


I can honestly say that this session was the greatest honor I've even been granted.  To A & B, thank you for sharing this moment with me and allowing me to share your story with the rest of the world.  AJ is so blessed to be loved so deeply by so many.


For more information about what I offer for those connected to the adoption community, visit my page about services I offer HERE or please contact me HERE.


Again, A & B, thank you.